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Shyiramo umubare uranga umunyeshuri.

  • Combinations: O' Level, MPG, PCM, MCB, MEG
  • Location: East, Kirehe, Kigina
  • Facilities:
  • Combinations: Teaching Modern Languages, Teaching Science and Maths, Early Childhood Education, Teaching Social Studies
  • Location: North, Burera,
  • Facilities:
  • Combinations: O' Level, English French Kiswahili, HEG
  • Location: South, Ruhango, Byimana
  • Facilities:
  • Combinations: Computer Science, Electricity
  • Location: West, Rubavu,
  • Facilities:
  • Combinations: O' Level, MCB, PCB, PCM
  • Location: West, Karongi, Gashari
  • Facilities:
  • Combinations: PCM, MCB, MEG, PCB, HEG
  • Location: East, Rwamagana, Kigabiro
  • Facilities:



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