About Edorica

Welcome to Edorica and thank you for your will to know about us!

Edorica is an online education-based services provider with the aim of developing smart, and efficient education. Education of Rwanda, which is currently our focus, has had difficulties that could be solved with just a smart solution like this website.

Actually, we are based on sorts of services including students registration, online schools profiling,
helping students get and achieve their dream careers. We are delighted at contributing to the development of every student, parent, school, and thereinafter the nation through education.

We know and we care that education is the only weapon and tool that could mitigate current problems, and it is in that fact that we are giving our contribution to the nation and the future.

Why does it matter?

Education can be got from diverse of sources, and school is among of them. In order to help the access to education, that is why we are offering this service to help individuals to get suite education, then bright and enjoyable future. Getting school of your wish has not been easy even how, from getting information from trusted source up to getting your admission to school of your will. That’s why we are here to change couple of week’s process to bits of second process. With love and Passion this website was created, run on will of God and helped by you all, let’s also make future brighter with just need of it.

How and what do we help?

Edorica is a service provider of solutions and here is how we help our visitors.
Students get diversity of services that ease their access to education.
Among those there is online students’ registration, free national exam results, free information about schools and advice, career guidance.
All those services are offered free of charge and with great efficiency.
Schools enjoy our beautiful easy recruitment system that makes their job relatively easy and smart.
I can say that every visitor of this website enjoy our servives and He or She get helped.
We help parents to make proper education investment and fulfill responsibilities upon their children